When Will The Light Come?

When Will The Light Come?

Uncaged darkness surfs the land
Leaving behind it a trail of pain
And anguish like that which existed
At our birth. We learned to live with it!

Painful fantasy flows in our veins
Replacing the red blood cells with
An awesome delusion that only sees
The world through our lenses.

We became slaves of what would
Travel down our bellies when hunger
Strikes us with his cudgel of want. We
Also slave those who slave this slave.

We are the grass sent on an errand
By uncared breeze to wheresoever
The latter wishes to send it to in
Religion’s hands with no savory taste.

Every dawn tells many of hope
While some wither away as they
Lean on others for survival. Those
Leaned on cannot can what they can.

The dusk arrives with lots of lips
Making move to open up the secrets
Behind their walls and when they could,
“When will the light come?” gushed out!

Bard Tosin Morakinyo

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