Once loved; zillion bruised III

Once loved; zillion bruised III

Arrived at the outskirts
Of the centre of excellence
Another hand needed at work
What a rare diamond to sight
Lies erected a solid foundation
Cupid’s arrow got smashed.

Mark’s invention brought back
Long time estranged soul
Trip back to source of dawn
Reconnecting with the fairest
Beau of all mankind yet with
A step in, that neatly dissected.

Job terminated; squatting activated
Ally’s blood whispered love
Unknown all was for fortune
Only for that to cease breathing
And off she flew to the forest where
Returning becomes impossible.

Another Eve met with a golden
Heart filled with impurities all
In the name of companionship
Gifted apples to every Adam that
Surf her land thereby leaving them
To wander off into the forest.

Such tale as this seems rare
To come by hence the long tail.

Bard Tosin Morakinyo

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