Once loved; zillion bruised

Once loved; zillion bruised

Arms picked me up
Body smeared with blood
Mouth sealed up
Until slaps kissed buttocks
Just seconds on earth
Haters sent darts already.

Homecoming glamorous
Faces laughed deliriously
Metal detector saw foes
Sealed mouth can’t spill it
In air I was thrown
Waiting to be grasped above.

Years rocketed by
Alphabeta hugged me
Cruel eyes followed steps
As they climb stairs of feats
Ladder pulled down at the
Start of higher school.

Sophomore era with slight
Bile gurgling down throat
Crippled fortune got shape
Hospital called for surgery
Daughter of Eve gave me
Apple of satisfaction.

A bite of that Apple
Let out a shriek of joy
To flee from her day
Of walking down the aisle
With a witty dwarf
That my fate spoke against.

Election won as scribe
Another Eve brought
Fresh apple just for my
Sight and caressing and
Never to enter my mouth
Only for ears to air evil.

To be continued…

Bard Tosin Morakinyo

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