To An Unloved Writer

To An Unloved Writer

My heart still travelled back
In time immemorial when
Feet would gather at thy feet
Like Paul’s at Gamaliel’s tale
Just to drink from your fresh
Moonlight stories like an unmixed
Palmwine from the renowned tapper.

Never will i forget your dancing
Words on the lips of many kids
Who would escape the scourges
Of their parents only to be placated
By the words that your ink vomit.
Then, you wrote to wrought wonders
In many lives and wits lived in them.

Where have those days of your
True existence gone? The abyss?
Where have those nights of
Laughter without pain travelled to?
The love you built around yourself
Then formed a wall that no child-
Procreating love ever breathed near you.

The ink you gave your all to left you
Wallowing in your state of emptiness
And the laughter of those your wit
Chased away kept ringing in your ears
As long as you write, you’ve found a love!

Bard Tosin Morakinyo

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