Where Legends Are Made

Where Legends Are Made

In the bosoms of dogged souls
who kept thirsting for change
and when such comes, rest
didn’t find them until such is
sustained as long as men live.

In the land flowing with milky honey
but only the queens and kings
get to eat barrels to their full
while the soldiers keep growing
skinny. From their loins came legends.

In the ocean of plenteous harvest
with an announcement of scarcity
and while the farmers go home
hungry, the harvesters delight in
their plundering. They woke up to that.

With none in existence again,
nature will cease to exist. Their
breaths give life to all.

Bard Tosin Morakinyo

2 thoughts on “Where Legends Are Made

  1. Nigeria is part of the poem, her populace are the ones working so hard, our senate harvesting what they did not work for. Nigeria, my country. Let me read your own imagery


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