Rape of the Lock

Rape of the Lock

Lord Byron he rose to become
Forcing his stern philosophies
Down the throats of many mouths
Like the spread of Down Syndrome.

We, being Belinda, grew so foolish
That a conqueror of dictatorship
We saw him to become after
His tale of many battles unseen.

Lick his boots and be at his mercy
Call him off and see your dusk
Arrive in time for your parole
For how long shall we tolerate him?

Daughters sees his name as the
Only master in the centre of excellence
Turned to a land of monopoly. His
In-laws filled the Assembly like bees.

Shall we fold our crumpled arms
And refuse to understand pushed
To the walls? The day the sun shall
Rise no more, then we’re doomed!

Bard Tosin Morakinyo

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