The Karma IV

Laura turned aimlessly and wasn’t sure where to go. She couldn’t call her best friend Sara for obvious reasons and she definitely couldn’t go home. In fact, like yesterday, she had to find an apartment; she would never stay with Buckley for another day. In a fraction of a second she had lost her home, work, friends and the love of her life. When she woke up this morning, she never thought of her wildest dreams that her life could turn into a horror show.

She was addressing a real estate agent over a house when she heard the high pitched sound of her phone. That brought her back to reality. She regretted not having turned it off; I didn’t feel like talking to anyone at this time.

“Laura Simmons.” She said in a flat tone while swinging her Samsung S10 between his shoulder and ear while driving on beside the road.

“Miss Simmons, this is Kathy from Max Woods’ office. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to hold today’s meeting. But do you mind meeting him at the airport in the next 20 minutes? Do you have some time for yourself before he takes off his plane, about half an hour or so, if you wish, you can run there and give a quick overview of your business proposal as soon as possible?” asked the personal assistant.

“Kathy, I’m sorry … I know I’ve hurt you more for making this appointment, and Mr. Woods is a very busy man, but I’m so sorry I can’t get there.” I don’t work for -” Laura began to explain and was interrupted abruptly.

“Listen, Laura, that’s probably the only chance you’ll have, so don’t ruin it.” She rebuked.” I lay down to convince him to give you this opportunity, so take your ass to the airport and reschedule it if necessary. Mr. Woods will travel to Australia next hour and he won’t be back until after three months. Don’t waste this opportunity. She hung up before Laura could breathe.

“What am I going to do now?” She hit the wheel with her finger while considering her next move. She took a deep breath and threw her blond hair like silk as she checked her reflection in the rearview mirror.

P. S: What will you do in this situation?

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