The Karma II

She wanted to mess up the presentation but had to gather herself together. She felt as if her heart had been crushed by an iron fist, squeezed her life, and bled it dry. How can the love of her life betray her in this way? And with Sara? She could not decipher that the effects would have been better or worse if she had been a complete stranger. Then there was Sara’s young sister Emilia, well, Emilia was a well-known vagabond who would have given up everything that moved, all with blood. These sisters were famous for pecking friends. Why should Laura be surprised? Would you have thought you would not have crossed the border if you hadn’t respected each other’s boundaries?

Laura sighed and rubbed her gray pencil skirt with wet palms. As she refreshed her makeup, she lifted her white silk blouse and smoothed her jacket. She took a deep breath and got out of the car. Then she went to the bathroom to check for the last time before presenting her project in the office boardroom. She had brought it to her colleague and bosom friend, Sophie to calm down for so long. They had worked together on the project, so she was the best person to help.

It would take a few days to process the morning events. This was the maximum betrayal. How would she face Buckley? Sara? Each one of them? She swallowed half a bottle of water and headed for the presentation.

Laura put on her best crocodile smile and entered the room. Everyone was already sitting, and it seemed they had already started without them.

“Laura, exactly the person I expected.” Her boss Kyle Finch looked over his glasses. “My office now!” He growled when his chair screeched and moved away from her.

She gave her colleague and close friend Sophie a questioning look but only smiled at Cassie. “Well, then run. You’ll find out what it’s about fast enough … and I already packed your stuff, so you don’t have to worry.” She said her face was written with malice.

Laura followed Kyle Finch to his office and was not even offered a seat.

“You don’t feel, I will do it fast.” He threw a bound document on his desk and looked at her with a frown. “I know you were going to open your own advertising company and that you thought you would escape if you stole my clients.”

“But I …” she tried to explain.

“Save it, Laura Simmons!” he cried, “Sophie has told us everything! At least she is a loyal employee, unlike you.” He mocked. “I trusted you, Laura. Were you the best Account Manager I had, and is that why you thank me?”

“But Kyle, let me explain …” she stepped forward.

“I don’t want to hear it. Just leave! Take your things and leave! Now or I’ll have security to escort you out of the building.”

“Well. You can believe Sophie, but one day you will see the truth.” She turned on her heel and left her office with her head raised.

“I’ll send someone for my belongings,” she said to the receptionist as she pressed the elevator button.

To be continued…

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