The Kama III

Could it make the day worse? She thought to himself. Her marriage was in two months, and she was now out of work. At least they fired her for a valid reason, but Sophie distorted the truth and had Kyle wrapped around her finger.

Where would she go now? She certainly couldn’t go home, and her best friend just showed no. Her parents were late, and she had no other families to take care of her, so she was practically alone. She glanced at her phone when it rang, and Buckley’s name appeared on the screen.

“Yup?” Barked her.

“Hey, honey, are you okay?” Buckley tested the water. He was sure he had heard the housekeeper tell someone on the phone that Laura had stumbled across the worst show in her life. But Buckley seemed to be ignoring the morning events. So, he might have to practice his Spanish, or his Laura was an excellent actor who wasted her talent on advertising.

“I’m perfect sweetheart; I’m just having a bad day.” She said with exaggerated sweetness.

“Can I take you for lunch? Could it cheer you up?” He smiled to himself. He was at home and dry. Laura was in the dark.

“Yes, it sounds good. See you in the usual place?” She said.

“Fantastic. See you soon, baby. I love you.” Laura almost choked on her water.

“I love you too, sweetie.”

Laura decided to see how long Buckley would stay on this farce. After all, he had nothing to lose…

Stay glued to your seat for what would happen next. But before that, answer these few questions to show you’ve been following and to teach others too.

1. What do you think would happen next?
2. If you were Laura Simmons, what would you have done to: Sara, Sophie and Buckley?
3. Do you think the antagonists are justified for their acts?
4. Explain your answer above.

Thanks for reading!

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