Ode to Mokò

Ode to Mokò

Fate christened him Hercules at birth
with the mandate to bore a burden
which only he could unravel without
the astrologers’ wits.

Enslavement stole the blood of the
land away in their numbers to Òyó
that any time stewards from the Great
palace arrived, panic filled all hearts.

This day did Mokò gave up his treasure
just to go with the tributes back to the
Great palace as a slave. In the load with
him were eggs forbidden for man’s sight.

Upon arrival, to the master’s delight
order was issued for the loads’ throats
to be sliced open for all to see. The bold
amongst all opened first and slumped.

Doubting the potency of the loads’ content
another being of metallic heart decimated
another load and lost his transient breath
without waiting to bid his kindreds farewell.

Frightful words flew out of the sceptre’s
mouth for the hasty return of the slaves
with their loads as none could withstand
kissing death on his thorny cheeks.

Raucous laughter rent the air upon their
arrival back to Ondo, hence an assorted
day for the big elephant whose thumping
saved the day for the town.

A festival to honour him sprout out
making women out of sight for a day
and that’s ODÚN MOKÒ!

Bard Tosin Morakinyo

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