Story of Our Lives

Story of Our Lives

You don’t have to sink in an ocean
before you’re aware it’s so deep;
You need to sink in some oceans
before you realise it’s so deep.
This is the story of our lives!

When the tides danced to kiss our
legs, the warmth felt was electrifying
and when our names flowed out of
many mouths, we felt a living in us.
That was when life was life!

Our feet walked the unknown path
without getting sliced open by the
thorns and thistles erected in the earth
because evil wasn’t a tenant to be.
That was a show of humanity in life!

In no time, our dawn became a scary
dusk that began to shush our doors all
in the name of getting weeded by the
Hunters who had come from a distance
crossing many seas just to encroach us.

Our children’s lips they sealed using
the ivory tower and the sanctorium
sanctums. What bound us became
the agonies that ushered us out of
the womb. We managed their stench.

Despite that our airs have exposed
their fouls’ butts, they swallowed a
relaxed pill knowing they’ve got us in
their pockets and a way out is to have
a reawakening brain that solves.

Bard Tosin Morakinyo

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