Where I Come From

Where I Come From

Where I come from,
the sun fellowships with men
in a bid to drink their bodies’ water
by letting them feel the drought
he feels during earth’s revolution.
Should that be our fault?

Where I come from,
men sit under the comfort of handmade
air putting pen on paper just for
their ego to develop a rotund belly
while the represented roam the street
with empty stomachs from fake promises.

Where I come from,
the only freedom you get to embrace
is seeing the waking up of the soon
though unaware of the stars will
come out to hear the moonlight tale
by nightfall. Hopes get shattered.

Where I come from,
education is a second class citizen
made to eat the crumbs that fall off
the table of the 37 billion proponents
who keep promising us of a tomorrow
they’ve decapitated with their acts.

Where I come from,
the sun will rise again but this time
to scorch the skin of the emissaries
of poverty whose compounds are
littered with bullion vans.
I am from the Niger area.

Bard Tosin Morakinyo

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