The Deities I

Get me the griot’s seat
Let me scoop for you
The water that flows
From the breast of wit.

Òrúnmìlà, the progenitor
Of Ifá descended with other
Seventeen deities as allies
To him was wisdom bequeathed.

In this wisdom was 256 IFA corpus
That canopied every mishaps
And fortunes to make every soul
Live under the roof of peace.

The eye witness of destiny he is
The repairer of a misfortuned head
The historian of Ife land whose
Feet’s sole trod upon many paths.

His mastery of IFA outwits
Death the father of all living
And like Romeo and Juliet did
He build relationship with Èsù.

A king he was while on earth
To another king he gave his crown
His philosophy travels farther than him
None was, is and will be wiser.

Bard Tosin Morakinyo

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