We’re Hostages

We’re Hostages

Life used to speak well
Of life in time past and
Then all and sundry tell
What others feel in the land.

Our cowries paid off
That oceans grew jealous
And our land did they surf
Just to gift us huge loss.

To expand our legs’ wounds
Our exchange for goods did
They usher to its myriads
Of doom as thick as hide.

By and by, we crawled to
The abattoir where we get
Butchered and splitter too
Since then, we became a hut.

Now are we hostages
In the land that groom us
As we suffer many damages
After being bridled like an horse.

Bard Tosin Morakinyo

7 thoughts on “We’re Hostages

  1. Hey, your poem is magnificent. As a black man here in the wilderness it reached out to me. I want to feature this in my poetry corner. I will reblog this post on my blog and hope others will come back and visit. Well done and I can’t think of a better poem to close out this year.


    1. I can’t but express my gratitude for this sincere comment of yours. I can’t figure out a better comment I’ve read about my work this year. With this, I will keep hoisting the flag to write more for righting the wrongs in Africa. Once again, thanks.

      Liked by 1 person

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