Songs from the Crypt II

I’d barely allowed my feet cart me away
From the giant eagle like creature than
I saw another visitor emerge from me.
His spherical head looks like a crust
The size of the head is thrice the earth’s
No creature can see the tweeny body
That carries this ginormous edifice
Save for the possessor of supernaturals
Each step he takes thundered loudly
And threw all and sundry in turmoil
His breath emits fire from his oral cavity
Pain trailed him wherever he turned to
With boldness, I approached him and ask
Why does your head carry world’s burden?
The echo of his response fell all the tree
In the forest and razed down all the grasses
In his lifetime, backstabbing was his meal
He never waited for my reaction before
He sauntered away with lightning’s trail
Behind him. As he turned his back, all he
Had once backstabbed had their knives
Hanging on his back. A streak of tears
Strolled down my eyes as he walked back
To my bowel to continue his agony.

Bard Tosin Morakinyo

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