Rumpled Rose

A solitary gardener I was
rendering the garden under
my watchful eyes. Bones grew
weary as the day strolls piecemeal.

Like Adam’s was there a helpmeet
for me to make lighter heavy burden
Her beauty transcends Belinda’s and
Her heart could drive nut the oceans.

I’d let smile fly out of its nest: my mouth
as she steps out to our pretty garden
Her feet are graced with flamboyance
In no time, all and sundry envied me.

The penultimate night; a lonely star
appeared forlorn in the sky. My mind
never did listen to what the star was
about to say. My deaf ears grew active.

I felt a valiant emptiness that occupy me
strongly like Greek soldiers with gifts.
All I wanted to achieve get done reluctantly
Yet my ears were locked away from omens.

When the day came to welcome tragedy
Rivers flowed backward; air fell like rain.
My flower vase fell shattering my rose
Her juice left my life never to return.

I now exist in the shadow of my past
where falling in love has become a gall
and the sweet gall; my joyful agony
I’ve learnt to live in betwixt two worlds.

Bard Tosin Morakinyo

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