Face My Daemon

Face My Daemon


I woke up early to see

Life wriggle his waist

Without feeling a twist.


Everything was going

As planned in no rush

Unknown it was a brainwash.


Before the arrival of noon

I’ve been trapped in between

A sancrosanct life and sin.


My life became an oxymoron

With the duo of joy and sadness

Walking down the aisle of my sense.


I felt a volcanic eruption

Resulting into a stormy miry clay

That shook the root of my life’s stay.


My life never became the same

The very instance I licked real life

Which was the honey in bee’s hive.


Now that I approach my latter phase

Every covert issues became overt

As I’ve learnt to face my daemons all out.


Bard Tosin Morakinyo

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