The Fence

The Fence


As soon as I let out the first cry

the loins that vomitted me raised

me above his shoulders to see the world

Though I couldn’t see beyond his

shoulders, he whispered this is our world

into my little ears still smeared with blood.


At a time when my intellect could sieve

I began to walk simple paths with no

cause for alarm. Eyes watched me grew

as I ran from one heart to the other just 

to know the ocean of questions I got.


To Jesus’s feet was I told to drop my cross

That I did with no single knowledge of why

That same feet hurried me to the Prophet

after many years of thirsting for more.


Now am I the fence

Erected between the Bible and the Qur’an

Making sure things get right someday.


When you pull me down

Another fence will surely rise.


Until man sees man before seeing religion.


Bard Tosin Morakinyo

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